Minting a badge for EthUnwrapp is another fun way to help support the project. You'll be showing us that this is something the community finds fun - to reflect on the year and specific events, and how crazy it has been.

EthUnwrapp is a fun way to see where an address ranked in the year with Ethereum activity and see what other EVM chains were used.

Each badge can be minted once per address.


Memorise the insane year for crypto by minting a badge for this project. Everytime you see the NFT in your wallet, you'll have memory of how crazy the specific event/year was.


By minting the NFT on-chain, you will receive the badge on all your profiles as well as on the generated video! Other people viewing your activity will know that you helped #EthUnwrapped by flexxxing your badges.

Choose a Badge:


Year in Review

  • Name: Unwrapp2022
  • Type: Year in Review
  • Price: 0.015ETH
  • Mint: Closed